INEPTITUDE. Lack of skill creates another skill

I very rarely meet people who react not to a role, but to a human as a whole, but they also bypass the whole-human within the other when interacting and do it in a very distant circle. Here is such a play. I myself do the same.

It must be remembered that speakers of another tongue are carriers of a different type of brain, a different worldview, worldview.

I don’t know why the others are like that. I’m scared, too much negative experience has accumulated. This is about me and not only about me.

This why human breed with people who play the same rituals.
And some of us can’t find nobody.

This is why people interbreed with people who perform the same rituals.
And there are those who cannot find anyone of the opposite sex.

Карикатура «Допрос», Виталий Маслов. В своей авторской подборке. Карикатуры,  комиксы, шаржи
– Why did you make counterfeit money?
– Because I don’t know how to make real ones.