You and your worries

It is asked does worrying make you tired?

Do you usually get annoyed because of tedious circumstances?

Do you jitter when tempted to manage uncertain situation?

Would you like to get rid of it?

What the answer is usually sound? «Don’t worry». Or «Set loose you negative emotions». 

Yes, it sounds good. But does it work?

It sounds empty – how would you fill in it?

When you dismiss your hostility (if you can) the invisible negativity penetrates your body, and it is said it is a root of illness.

However, you always can find within your self in between many small selves one who emotionally does not involve in negativity. – Make this one the chief.

You can leave through the stress, you can make the right decision under emotional pressure or in fear, you can be free of the shakes in stressful situations.

How many different moods, states of mind have you experienced? Good mood and bad mood – just two moods?.

Good mood for tax preparation (if it’s possible at all) is not same as good mood to play ball and totally distinguishes from good mood to do grocery or eat out, or go to the show, or for changing oil.

Those different good states of mind usually happen themselves because of the situation. And what do you have when correspondence does not happen itself, when the imbalance occurs? What does  this imbalance produce? – Stress, of course. Completely useless stress.

You may learn to maintain accord to fit your state of mind and any happening situations.

As you choose what to wear when it is raining or sunny – same way you can choose proper mood.

Mostly important this practice is for people at the edge. 

You may manage and control your mood and state of mind, state of being.

You can do it from within. This is the ground. 

You can find out by yourself, by your body and mind – what calm and peace really are.

And again – we are good and we are masters of the mood and state of mind, and I am sure you all know somebody who really needs help in this field.

People changing or choosing career young or not too young, thinking or worrying about divorce (or wedding), sell or buy house in this difficult time – in the need to change their life or very close to it.

You may help them – let them know about this possibility.

It sounds attractive, although unusual in some way and it’s not so easy not so soon.