And to be late – in any way, 

It is useless to try

Everything is right here right now

Within the walls, frames and edges 

In the ring there is only room for what is in the ring

Same abed and at the table


And the green azure of the water 

Becomes a stream

And its strength and speed 

This is you are swimming


And there is no flow


By swimming and lengthways eternity

Swimmer’s voice 

Amazing and lovely

Someone cares about the words 

Another murmur of a voice

He purrs himself 

And something happens to him

And is he now and here right now

He looks around

And right now it’s already different 

Hah and here is some other

Who does remember what happened in those right now and here

Someone else

Someone else

And you are one and one of all right now and here for eternity