Who are these people?

Where’s sound? It was!

The caption was:

“It is official. The United States Senate announced: ‘Corona is a lie’! The media is covering up the truth

Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, Fauci, the CCP, NIH, the WHO and other traitors will be all held accountable.”

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Is it clear that the world of good mood is different from the world of shitty feelings?
So you change your mood and the world becomes different.
This is the art of choosing living.
This art is not easy. It’s like building Pyramids.

But look around – they really exist.

The crutch

This technique is free of spirituality. Nevertheless, everyone can find here something. Everyone free to understand anything in one’s own way for sure.
This is psycho technique to find some stability in fickle world. It is the footing and you may call it «the crutch», after all you live – you go through life..
Yes, the master of this psycho technique may enter through this door into some traditional teaching. One will find something familiar when start practice QiGong, or Vipassana, or Fourth Way, or teaching of Don Juan, or Raja Yoga.
To find yourself calm within the shifty-shitty stream of daily life, to dwell in peace with own emotional storm is good enough, isn’t it?

healthy and tasty

Throw away any books about healthy and tasty sex. Fuck advice on how to fuck a chick or get married. There are only two rules in relationships that really work. They are suitable for both men and women. And those who do not know they are doomed to waste time and nerves on the wrong people.
Rule one. Relationships should be easy
It should be easy from the very beginning. From the first minutes. A person with whom you immediately feel like old acquaintances suits you more than someone who needs to be courted for years. The guy with whom you are ready to retire in the toilet of the mall in fifteen minutes is better than the one to whom you have been writing letters without an answer for seven years. A girl who immediately shows interest in you is better than an unapproachable beauty who needs to be taken to the Bahamas.
Simple is good. Difficult means bad. This is an axiom. No need to prove it.
In general, you do not need to prove anything in a relationship at your own expense. You don’t have to strive for anyone, adapt to anyone and run after anyone. Having done this once, you will do it every day, and in response you will only see a capricious displeased face. If it did not work out right away, did not catch fire, did not light up, do not pull the cat by the tail. So not your man. Difficult relationships are only suitable for those who are bored and have a lot of free time. For everyone else, this suffering only spoils the nerves.
You should not take out a difficult relationship with yourself. A relationship in which all you do is a dance to someone’s tune is humiliating. Sooner or later, the limit of your patience will run out. Don’t let yourself get sucked into a difficult relationship.
The second rule, but no less important for this. Relationships should be fun.
This statement also needs no proof. As soon as the relationship has ceased to bring joy, and began to bring nasty things, stop this phenomenon in the bud.
Do not get used to showdowns, tears and smashing dishes. Leave long conversations, accusations, recriminations. This not normal! This is the road to hell! As soon as joy leaves the relationship – they become useless. It would seem much easier.
But after all, many people chew the chewed-chewed hay of their grievances for years! They occupy their brains with unnecessary disassembly! Do not do this! As soon as you understand that your words are taking away joy – close your mouth. Disassembly begins – leave. The person only wants to blame and reproach – do not let the guilt plant on you. Go away!
Relationships are for joy. All other relationships “for the sake of children”, “because everyone lives like this”, “out of habit”, “because without it, it’s even worse” can simply be taken and taken to the trash heap.
Author: Morena Morana



Officer slowly pulled out of the drawer blank paper, put it on the table, took a pen, looked up at me and said,

– The purpose of birth?

I hesitated.

Ditties. From Russian to English

From Runet

По реке плывет топор

Из села Чугуева,

Hу и пусть себе плывет

Железяка х@ева…

Down the river drifts an axe

From the town of Byron.

Let it float by itself-

F@cking piece of iron!!!

Рыбка плавает в томате,

Ей в томате хорошо,

Только я, едрена матерь,

Места в жизни не нашел.

Fish in thick tomato sauce

Swims in happy comatose

Only me, pathetic wimp

Have no f@cking place to swim.

С неба звездочка упала

Прямо милому в штаны,

Пусть горит там, что попало,

Лишь бы не было войны.

Star let’s fallen from the heavens

Right into my boyfriend’s briefs,

I don’t mind his roasted penis

If it helps us live in peace.

По деревне мы идём

Всем подарки раздаём

Кому сына, кому дочь

Чтобы Родине помочь

Two of us — me and my buddy

Giving gifts to everybody

You get daughter, you get son

Patriotic duty’s done

Мы спросили у Петрова

Почему на шее провод

А Петров не отвечает

Только ботами качает

Kids are asking uncle Peck:

Why’s there wire on your neck?

Uncle has no words to spare

Swinging calmly in the air.