DFS and Traditional Practices

The matter of conversation is the start point. That’s fork. You can start your way into metaphysical life where daily existence, natural reality is permeated, impregnated, filled by infinity, almighty, omnipotence, but it not necessity – you may just rule your daily life with your new experience and be master of yourself. To be master of yourself is not so small task, isn’t it?

Swami Vivekananda said that Raja Yoga “declares that each man is only a conduit for the infinite ocean of knowledge and power that lies behind mankind.” This point is the root of my school but not the only. For this to work, we need the mindfulness to identify and select the condition, state and the focus to maintain resonance with the surrounding world in a particular state. – Mindfulness or attention, focus or concentration.

Those who know can see here the similarities to “Vipassana” meditation, for those who do not know, I’ll say that the use of DFS method can help you when you begin to engage in Vipassana.

The constant monitoring of own state is the work of attention which turns out to be nothing but one of the moments of recollection, which

G.I.Gurdjieff used to talk about, i.e. the one who practices DFS method is included after a sort in the work of the 4th Way, and one, if interested, can by the most natural way enter into the work in full spectrum of one’s interest.

The practice of choosing one’s states by moving through by mindfulness of own focus to concentrate on a certain spot in the volume of own space was described in the books of Carlos Castaneda and was called “the movement of the assemblage point” by his teacher Don Juan.

When we move “assemblage point” in DFS method we do not use the entire space, but it is obviously the same practice as in the case of the 4th way, Vipassana, Qigong and, quite possibly, other traditions of transformation. Working by this method you can always take the next step and find the path by your own heart, or not.

It is a system for self-regulation in our everyday daily life, and it’s a lot – to live in balance and resonance with the infinite world, knowing how and what to do.

What can this self-regulation provide to average user of daily life? Well, it definitely changes the way in which you regard and behave toward your friends and relatives. It does not mean your feelings will be necessarily changed. It means for example when you have some difficulties with your relationship you are not waiting for some occurrences that will to solve all but you do make your own decision and follow it. Slow and steady wins the race. I.e. actually it could be decision to wait, but it is your own choice for your life, you will not give up your choice to the substance of life itself.

It could bring you new taste in your life, maybe new colors, definitely new energy, and nothing else. However you will have thing besides it in your everyday life. – You can easily get the same state as your interlocutors, and it is actually the rapport as psychologists usually say. It is mutual understanding. Understanding may bring agreement or may bring disagreement. It definitely causes more peace and saves energy, when you understand people and they understand you not just mentally, but as whole being.

Sway with me. Samples of some DFS.


Human body has three large cavities stand vertical. When you vibrate your condition one of them reverberates, or some of them, or all reverberate. Here we observe reverberation of thoracic cavity. If vibration happens in impulses it is named “Rhythm C”.

Reader may listen the piece of music sounded to attune this state.

When attuned you may watch your state and you see where it is good.

When you manage the team you need to have easiness in establishing emotional contact with several people at the same time and you need a possibility of switching quickly from one emotional tune to another. It is necessary for supervisor to be able to make communication playful or light, or change it, or make it dynamic, adding any note to it: coquetry, spirituality, joy, firmness, warmth, or care, in other words whatever the circumstances call for. It is essential for supervisor to be able to overcome the inertia of feelings of any team member and, perhaps, even to create happy communication, where a joke leads to laughter, and humor is perceived in the proper way. You often have to create sort of healing factor for emotions such as melancholy, sadness, unnecessary seriousness, depression or sorrow that have been shadowing your member for any reason and for a some time.

It is not defines by the department your team serves. It is just important manager’s skills of self-regulating.

So the self-regulation technique I am talking about distinguishes this particular condition as separated state of being and names it 2C.

“1” indicates the level of activity or level of energy, “C” – the rhythm. This code will be described in details later.



Let’s listen the reverberation of abdominal pelvic cavity. Well, sounds we endeavor to vibrate as the wave, the breath of life. Its music listen here

It is different condition, other state of being, definitely this one distinguishes from 1C. Listen and observe. Other group of typical daily life tasks is the work at taking care of life in its various forms (man, animals, plants…) to do their work as well.

Usually it doesn’t require speed, but you have to be capable of maximum muscle effort. You need have intuitive knowledge about how to correctly perform biological (vital) interaction. It’s good to have vital emotion too, because the ability to radiate vital emotions when speaking with others allows those who work professionally with health and physical development to be successful.

It’s advisable to get sensitive attitude to aggressive programs of conceptual consciousness aimed at the organism, as well as healthy natural ability to neutralize these programs (for example, the social ideals of mechanical “beauty” created by the media, in the form of extreme (for show) “bodybuilding” or a “healthy lifestyle” (aggressive and exhausting diets), thereby also raising one’s biological firmness.

We name this state 1B.



Now vibration is similar – wave or breath of life, but cranial, skull cavity reverberates. Here is link to its music

What about is this state? Let’s look at the process of thinking, at the thought process as a continuous action.

You should solve various forms intellectual work connected with interpretation, generalization, and the search for solutions in various fields of research. You need to interpret the results of own activity while having the least possible muscle activity.

You may need to observe people’s opinion and practical philosophy as naturally linked, and the reasons of their thinking as the base of the individual’s creative strength.

This particular state is named 3B.



Other one differs from three previous. The cranial, skull cavity reverberates and vibration is pulsating. Sound

This state is good, when you maybe need increase the speed of informational reaction and the exactness of information processing. It’s important for different occupations and particularly for effective work with numbers and letters, as well as for any activity which requires planning, creating schemes and structural sequences which form the skeleton of technological processes; for all types of operator activity, and for correcting or analyzing the structural organization of texts.

You need in precision of thought and subordination of intellectual activity. You need intellectual impulse with the power to fascinate other people with your idea, to inspire people with your thoughts. You need inner rationalization and intellectual optimization of variants, and estimates of all “for” and “against” under the most commonplace life circumstances. You have to make a choice, or take a final decision without overlooking any of the possible variants.

You even agree to be described as being smart, rational, prudent, technocratic, and dry. It is 3C.



Listen yourself when all your cavities reverberate and sound in accord, well, for example vibration is as wave of life.

Get rapport with this music. Listen yourself.

And all of us definitely need some states as instrument works in a harmonious, resonance regime.

This type of being is also the portal for other differential shapes, or conditions, or states of activity. These types are very useful as the beginning position for any game, whether it be a social game, or a game with space, or a game with energy. These states of being are a base, a starting position for beginning professional work with one’s mental energy.

Some things can be seen as strange or unusual. You may lose the fever imaged as purposefulness or enthusiasm.

It is level “4”. This description could be applied to any rhythm

When you need increase your level of connectivity, mutual understanding, and empathy, and sensitivity, when you need for effectively setting goals and understanding the life, the dominant internal motivation – then you should attune yourself into 4B.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

~ Aldous Huxley

The Basics

1. Is it really necessary to prove that the map is not the territory? – I believe it could be demonstrated.

The picture shows a pipe. Picture is named “The Treachery of Images”. The Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte wrote on his picture – “This is not a pipe”. It looks strange and it is true. This is not a pipe; this is just an image of a pipe.
The territory is not seen on the map – it’s maped. “The word is not the thing“.
All and everything is perceived by man is the map only. Perceived reality is not a reality, it is representation of reality in the mind of the perceiver.

2. Axioms are accepted as true without controversy. They are taken on trust at least until experience refutes them. Nothing is a lie till it’s proven. After all, nothing but experience can verify the map. Any way we have to talk about representation only, not about reality.

3. Vivekananda said that Raja Yoga “declares to mankind that each being is only a conduit for the infinite ocean of knowledge and power that lies behind.” I propose to take it as an axiom. I am ready to the disproof, but my experience has not done refutation. Failures to find this ocean are not refutations. They are the lessons for the seekers after truth.

4. The meaning of this axiom can be rephrased.
4.1. “Our mind can reach knowledge of all and everything, but should be taught to stay aware.”
4.2. “The sensory space can be created for any problem we can formulate. This sensory space gives us possibility – we may obtain the solution for this problem directly on our sensory channels.” (Grigory Reynin)

We say sensory space or a space of sensations. You can choose one of five (or six) man’s senses and take any modality of this sense. The space can be created on the base of this modality. It is mathematical procedure on one hand; on other hand it is creation of perception space’s parameters.
The measuring instruments are created the same way. You can relate these parameters and parameters of your task. It’s said – “the formulation of a problem already contains half its solution”.
Applied Kinesiology is good example for our talk. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is good illustration too.

DFS – “attention” and “awareness”. Here and now

Our point is perception.
So “attention” and “awareness” distinct – attention has the object, awareness has not.
Awareness is the state of being.
Attention is a job we’re doing and we pay, object getting payment by this job-attention.
Human being transfers oneself into an object by one attention.
To be aware is to be oneself only the here-and-now.
I’m talking about DFS and Fire-Flower-meditation.
The important part of tuning is to get full sensation of flower.
Sensation may be knowledge as sixth sense, not as schooling grammar knowledge.
When you get it you don’t need pay attention on Fire Flower and separate yourself from yourself even partially.
You just aware. You are here and now.