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You feel awful and what do you have as the best advice!?
“Get relax”.
And tell somebody in agitated state “to relax” is like telling a starving not to be one.

Smile effect. Smile as crutch.

Inner Smile. West Point of View

 We do not work with emotions, we look for emotion as result of work. So when you make up the grimace you do grimace only, it is all your business to work with body (face and head) sensations, you are preoccupied by attention to your sensations only. And then smile as mood, as good mood will happen.

Each one or many of us have this experience. If one smiles and invests in this lovely grimace on one’s face sufficient energy, so the mood will be “smiling”. If no such experience – I offer suggestion to do it, and experience will come.

You do not need to show your teeth but you can.
You do not play fake smile.
You just pull the corners of your mouth to the sides and slightly up, same thing to the outer corners of your eyes and try to stretch the outer corners of the nostrils – pull them to the temples.

Thus coachman pulls the rein when drives horses. Picture this coachman sitting in the center of your head,

and this point is the source of light and heat.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
It’s indicated that smiling, even if one is not feeling happy, can slow heart rate and decrease perceived levels of stress. Smiling sends a signal to the rest of our body that things are okay; and now it is safe to let down the guard. Even if you can’t get yourself to smile, practice holding a pen or a chopstick in between your teeth. It mimics the same expression as a smile and can produce the same effects.

In a 2001 study by LeeAnne Harker and Dacher Keltner of the University of California, Berkeley was published, the authors looked at the emotional facial expressions in the pictures from the yearbook of women in their senior year at Mills College in the years 1958 and 1961 and how their life turned out 30 years later regarding marriage and personal well-being.  As it turned out, those that showed positive facial expressions that were genuine had a more positive outcome later in life.
There’s no doubt you must make real smile, do not try to lie to yourself, stay aware. When you make up mimic, remember it is a mimic only, do not deceive yourself.

This is Taoist technique «Inner Smile».

It says that “Mona Lisa Smile” is the image of this very inner smile. Like many Chinese psycho-techniques, like Chinese martial art, this either came from India, or appeared in those places simultaneously. Same inner smile shines on us from Buddha’s faces from quite standard images of him. For our task, however, it is quite sufficient to know and/or believe in the effectiveness of the “smile effect”.
Now then we know and/or believe that a certain muscle condition can be scientifically proved to cause defined chemical reaction in the brain and in turn is expressed as the certain psycho-emotional condition, the Differentiated State of being. It works like a medicine, like a drug, sometimes stronger than a drug. Sometimes it’s called “anchor” and the correspondent action – “anchoring.” You may call it “self-hypnosis” if for some reason it is more understandable and clear to you. Get experience – it will impress and elate you. Remember – There is No Failure Only Learning Experience.

The smile creates just one state of being – good mood. It is a really big deal to make nice tone but is it enough for daily life?
I don’t think so even though good mood supports good health in fact.
We act in so many different activities, each one demand appropriate psycho-emotional state. There is time for financial deals; there is time for housekeeping; there is time for making decisions etc. You can smile all the time, but you need some additional strong psycho-emotional flavor to be successful in your particular activity.


Appendix. –

1. The smile exercise
Simple and straightforward, this incremental exercise in smiling practice improves the facial muscles that control your smile, which will give you greater control over your happy expressions. Start by sitting or standing in front of a mirror, whichever is more comfortable, with your face and lips in a relaxed state.
1 Stretch the corners of your mouth laterally (to the sides) while keeping your lips together; hold for 10 seconds.
2 Expand the lateral stretch and part your lips to expose the edge of your teeth; hold for 10 seconds.
3 Stretch further laterally and expose about half of your teeth; hold for ten seconds.
4 Smile as wide and hard as you can, with all your teeth showing; hold for ten seconds.
5 Repeat steps 3, 2, and 1 to reverse the smile gradually.
For additional exercise, you can go through all of the above steps, using your index fingers to stretch the corners of your mouth and create the different smiles.
 ( We do not work with emotions, we look for emotion as result of work. So when you make up the grimace you do grimace only, it is all your business to work with body (face and head) sensations, you are preoccupied by attention to your sensations only. And then smile as mood, as good mood will happen.

2. The smile line eraser
With this exercise, you can work at reducing the appearance of fine lines around your mouth, helping you look younger and giving you a more natural, brilliant smile. In yoga, this exercise is referred to as the fish pose. Here’s how to do it:
1 Pucker up: purse your lips as dramatically as possible by sucking in your cheeks and rolling your lips out.
2 Attempt to smile while you’re puckering.
3 Hold this pose until there’s a mild aching sensation in the muscles around your mouth, then release.
This exercise should be done only once a day, in order to avoid straining the muscles of your face.

3. The silly rabbit
In this exercise, you’ll tone your cheek muscles while increasing the flexibility and control of your smile. You may or may not look in a mirror while performing this exercise. (If you have a tendency to laugh at silly faces, you should probably skip the mirror.) Here are the steps for this face exercise:
1 Smile as wide as you can, without opening y4our lips. Try for an ear-to-ear grin.
2 Wiggle your nose like a rabbit until you feel your cheek muscles engage with the smile.
3 Hold the pose for 5 seconds.
4 Repeat steps 1 through 3, 10 times


You know – each of us has own personal history distinguish from history of others and coincidently same as history of others.
Everyone was born totally in same way as others and everyone came here totally alone even one of twins.
Can you tell all and everything about your personal history? I do not believe in this, it is impossible.
Even each day is endless when you lookup.
Therefore we are free to take any points from very many days of many years of long life.
So I was born. I am not joking – it happened and I am happy about this happening. Do you know how many people were not born? If you don’t, it is easy to know. – Just count how many attempts to make baby we do and how many kids we really have.
I was growing up as sensitive child. My family and people around named it spoiled child. I was not spoiled and I did not know I am sensitive, because nobody told me it. However when I became teenager I started to see I am aware of something more than other. I decided it is no good – people must be equal and I began to smoke and drink vodka as almost all my classmates did. I liked it but my family did not.
So I use to live between my family Scylla and my street friends Charybdis.
To be in this non balanced position is pretty odd. You must digest it somehow. I wrote verses to go through this oddness, to transform it and same time I worked as mechanical engineer to live.
One think became clear to me one day. – All people are sensitive, each one is sensitive in one’s personal way.
We all are really equal and we distinguish, we all are different. And there is no contradiction here, is it? Well, how is possible not to nervous here, not to worry? How to live in the world of so different people, men, women, etcetera… Oh my God! So I had to write verses to survive.
And I use to wish to be better adapted to the life. Probably I did it as any introvert does – we usually watch within ourselves and point our own troubles only.
Pretty soon  I noticed that all people around are adapted to their lives not good enough too. It was sad and again I had to write and I wrote and wrote.
One day one more idea came into my skull. At first it sounded as if question. Maybe we can live as we write, and play our own life somehow like we write poetry?
Now my personal story accidentally meets the history of USSR. The “perestroyka” happens.
Before 1985 we could not have any property but personal stuff only like toothbrush and had no right to run any business even non-for-profit.
I had already changed my job gradually from work with things as engineer to work with human beings as psychologist and with my friends and new colleagues established association “Mental Culture”. We did not know good enough what it expresses, but we liked how it sounds.
We invited all sorts of teachers, guru and masters from across the country. We were interested in the field of human life and all around human being. The visitors trained and teach us many curious points of this field – from buddhism or Carl Jung’s psychology till massage and Qigong.
I did not miss any meeting. I wanted to train myself as was said by author of “Doctor Zhivago” –
“And leave omissions to be captured
In destiny, not text, and strive
To mark across the margins chapters
And scenes from an entire life.”
Easy to say hard to do, but it is still possible. Everyone can learn this technique. At least everyone can control the reverberation of one’s speech and talk something intellectual with reverberation of mental, cranial cavity of own body, something soulful with reverberation of heart, thoracic cavity and something vital with reverberation of biotic, abdominopelvic cavity of one’s body.
One day I will tell you about this in detail. I promise.

VERSE. March 16, 1988 – Translation will be edited I hope

To talk of jewishness and of a lingering journey of it’s happiness
We can’t, we can as if slow, slow snowing
Snow piles hinder, even though there is nothing any storm
There is nothing a wind, and the light is uncanny for city:
With the absent of source, of direction, of shadows, as in the very beginning, before any words
The destiny and the basis of this rising light
The human mortal longing darkness
Is not separated from

Thus dawn over a sea manifests itself out of the world
Before the sun and overcast and certainly
Snowfall. Snowfall is born from ether of
The TV-radio-forecasts by weathermen to us

Disturbing of wholeness of all dimensions,
Of all times and all names, and spaces
In our bodies is a straightforward tremor of heartbeat
The race of heart muscle darts off from trot to a dance.

The pandemonium of words in conversations zigzagging –
As if we’re looking for a carnival in some city –
In between our brains, our bodies, our thoughts, our hands and tears
Away the limits of masks, clothes, chastity, conscience – into the ball
Of an infinite wholeness –
From floating on the bitchiness course,
Where there was laboring of sextant, of time measurer, of compass,
Where love is – and love is a borderline feeling for
Lonely people, states and spaces.
If you are myself then, what do we need names for?
It can only follow my gaze!
With fear I’m understanding and flying over the sea
For a countless eternity in a row.

Nonetheless, it’s impossible, it’s impossible to split in two,
When the work is bondage, Sabbath is beyond understanding

And Elohim the Dreamer stages the play in the people
A world.
Our world.

Can you read?

About the inability to read and about the ability to read: “Reading can be a simple experience of reading and can be life experience”.

Time to think about power of perception

There are no such things as metaphysics or mysticism – when we perceive, when we feel. We perceive what we perceive. Do you perceive something supernatural? All right!. You’re lucky. I don’t.

I am happy with my simple perception.

Castaneda told  about skill to move assembling point. I can not change myself into an animal or  a bird.

I (as everybody else) can move  my point of perception by my attention for example from lower Dan T’ian area from abdominal-pelvic cavity to middle Dan T’ian field to thoracic cavity.

Try it. You will note your perception changed.

Observe it – it is really important.
Throw out your thinking, forget your thoughts about 3«M» – Miracle, Metaphysics and Mysticism for awhile. –
Just observe as long as you can. «It’s interesting,» – said Spock and Captain James Kirk always smiled. Listen same music from different level, you’ll like it.

Are you fed up with feeling awful?

I help people who are fed up with feeling awful, who are out of humor with oneself, who are struck crazy because of it.

Every one can improve own situation. Shitty feeling is subject to change. You can balance your constantly reoccurring feelings and experience the fullness of life.

You ready to change but nothing happens. When you ready to cry the crowd have fun. Even happy vacation frequently contains anxiety and you need vacation after vacation. You can not relay on how are things turning out. Any support does not help, either ignorance or feebleness leads around. You lost, just lost. Wonder what will happen to your dreams through having positively balanced feelings.

Listen – it can be different, it will be changed. Your life can be energizing. Imagine changing your life, imagine you having everyday feeling energized, and confidence, and happy. Image feeling clear about what’s going on and what should be done, sometimes disturbances just have disappeared. Picture yourself laughing just because you are happy. Wonder people around you are happy because you have fun. Wonder having productive relationship, decisive support around you. It’s good to feel good, isn’t it?

It is really hard to solve this problem. All life is one long stress. Our education educates to calculate, we trained more or less think inside of the logical scope, and feelings are not something logical or calculable.
You feel awful and what do you have as the best advice!?

“Get relax”.
And tell somebody in agitated state “to relax” is like telling a starving not to be one.

Very rare one knows how to stop feeling bad and even when you know – you can’t.  And even worse – when you dismiss your doom and gloom (if you can) the invisible negativity penetrates your body, and it is a root of some illness. It is the main reason of the failure attempts to get peace – your body knows, scared and resists. Easy to say hard to do.

You may be strong, you may be week but the energy is not for waste. Energy must be collected and used for purpose only. Start to train own body as an energy container. Learn how to use your body to change the mood, and the state, and the feeling. Start training balanced thinking – calculating and picturing at the same time. Tune your body into different states to choose a particular for situation’s needs. School your perception. Find yourself as an executive, as modifier for yourself.

I remember a nice woman in her 60s. She felt disheartened – Kari did not spend long time with her family, because when she heard something from her mother she could not hold emotions and exploded as the bomb after detonation. We went through some sessions and long before the end even before the real tuning work Kari had visited her 96-year-old mother.

It was just fine. She got transition. Kari experienced same strong emotions and they did not cause her blowing up anymore, she had conversations, when she wanted, she did not agree and argued, and easily smiled and said – “ I know”.

When I came here at first I helped people as LMT and Reiki master. Little by little I begin  my counseling. I help people to know how to get peace, how to remain in peace, how to stay confidence – now I help people to know how to help yourself. I train groups and work face to face. I have PhD in Metaphysical Life Coaching and established company, Inc. balances feeling awful into experience of fullness of life. Results are internal and very private when new ways to live are opening.

Get started now. If you are keen to learn how to help yourself or you know fellow in need of this skill, please text or VIBER
Mike Girshovsky
(847) 910-2230

You’re welcome!

“OK. Finally I’ve agreed – to change the world I have to be transformed myself.
But what does it mean?
Should I get awake 6 AM every morning and quit eating meat?
Or maybe start Qi Gong meditations?
Go to Shambale center?
What else?
How can I get out from this stupid circle?”

I have the answer. You may rich one too.