Вот, нашлось. Предлагают интересную практику

Вот одна практика, которую можно делать в условиях города.
В любом большом городе очень много текстов.
Это могут быть вывески или реклама, или объявления, что угодно.

Но ведь буквы – это просто символы.
Чтобы они стали словами, нужно чтобы мозг интерпретировал их в слова.

Представьте, что вы ребенок, который не умеет читать и попробуйте смотреть на слова не читая их и вы увидите насколько вы привыкли быть в своем уме и в своих мыслях.

Можно и не “представлять себе, что вы ребенок, который не умеет читать”.

Просто попробуйте смотреть на слова не читая их.

This is statement of fact

Chinese people have been treating themselves with their Chinese Medicine 3,000 (three thousand!) years and they have become one and half billion.

My comment is simple:
Use Chinese Medicine, start today.


Some people say that my service is “too expansive”

Years ago I said these people, – YOU LOST (If you remember, it’s quote from first “Pirates of Caribbean”)​. And my clients support me by laughing. I use to provide chair massage at Whole Foods market.
​Now I provide mainly the same, but say a bit differently, – AS YOU WISH or IT’S PITY (Too few people remember captain Jack Sparrow now).
​I believe it’s not my problem – it’s personal problem these people.
​My problem happens when I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. And it is not about my contact with some of Whole Foods shoppers who may or may not take my massage, but my attitude to the life.
​When my state of mind-body is right, these people mostly can smell it and do look for my help. So I use couple of my personal techniques to return myself into right place.
​I use to show people my techniques and can do it any time for anybody who does not want to be lost.

Funny or not Funny?

It’s a lot of ways to explain energetically healing procedure.

The traditions, cultures, believing, points of view are showing different pictures, speaking with different accents.

And you know healer actually has two choices only:

– To collect yours problem and get sick exchange you in the illness..

– Or to be transparent enough to release all this stuff into the ground or may be into the heaven.