The commission is in a madhouse (or maybe an exam at school!).

  • Pete, how much is twice two?
  • Five thousand.
  • Ah ah ah!. Mary, how much is twice two?
  • Thursday.
  • What are you! Little Johnny, do you know how much is twice two?
  • Four.
  • Here! Little Johnny, how did you get four?
  • Simple. Five thousand minus Thursday.

INEPTITUDE. Lack of skill creates another skill

I very rarely meet people who react not to a role, but to a human as a whole, but they also bypass the whole-human within the other when interacting and do it in a very distant circle. Here is such a play. I myself do the same.

It must be remembered that speakers of another tongue are carriers of a different type of brain, a different worldview, worldview.

I don’t know why the others are like that. I’m scared, too much negative experience has accumulated. This is about me and not only about me.

This why human breed with people who play the same rituals.
And some of us can’t find nobody.

This is why people interbreed with people who perform the same rituals.
And there are those who cannot find anyone of the opposite sex.

Карикатура «Допрос», Виталий Маслов. В своей авторской подборке. Карикатуры,  комиксы, шаржи
– Why did you make counterfeit money?
– Because I don’t know how to make real ones.

The news

  • Did you know that the letter to Harry Potter, where the real buyer of the new broom is named, is not Sirius Black?
  • And who then?
  • J.K.Rowling.


A human differs from an animal in that he has the ability to observe his conditioned reflexes.

faith vs. knowledge

I often meet people opposed faith to knowledge. It is almost generally accepted to consider them opposite.
“You can believe anything, but I know!”
It seems that everyone has heard something like that. And to many people it sounds normal, doesn’t it?
And what is this “knowledge” that is more important than faith? How do we know?
If you recall, there are not so many sources of knowledge. It is difficult to create a hierarchy of them. It is important for someone that one oneself heard or saw. Someone cares what some important person said, some Einstein, or some Dalai Lama, or at least a DJ in the club yesterday. Someone knows this from time immemorial or thinks that it goes without saying, everyone knows this.

It does not matter what is “more important”, but any knowledge, even scientific, can always be attributed to one of these four types:

  • your experience;
  • an authoritative statement;
  • generally accepted;
  • taken for granted.

Are the last three types of knowledge opposed to faith? – As if yes, but no. They are based on faith, slightly different, but precisely on faith. – On faith in authority, on faith in what is generally accepted, it means it is, and on faith in what is self-evident – it goes without saying, although it is ridiculous, but it is so and only so. And try to refute it. – There should be a smiley here.
It’s more difficult to deal with own experience. But if we do not go deep into the details, then, one asks, what do we attribute to purely our own experience? And very little. Only the experience of their bodily sensations. Auditory and visual. Everything else, one way or another, falls into the same notorious last three types of knowledge.

And even some of the purely bodily sensations are the result of socialization, the result of learning. And any training is based again on… Here should be a smiley.

Conclusions that follow from this are by no means original. All our knowledge is based on faith in what we have been taught. There is no opposition “belief (faith) – knowledge”. Faith is the source of all knowledge.

Strictly speaking, this is how all sciences are organized. Any of them, starting with Euclidean (including non-Euclidean) geometry, are based on the postulates taken on trust. More often than not, this is something that goes without saying for the founder of science.

I hope that I (atheist) have not hurt anyone’s religious feelings. I believe in neither heaven nor hell. But what does this mean in light of our previous conversation? And simply: “I believe that I do not believe in neither heaven nor hell.” Smiley again?
And the fact that this trick can play a more significant role in some other places in life. But for this you need to take a closer look at yourself. Try it and you will find something interesting.

Example. About five years ago the Russian-speaking world looked with horror at the southeast of Ukraine. Russian TV gave a plot where the “right-wing” of Ukrainian people beat a boy to the wall and here they rape his mother. I say: “I don’t believe!”. And I find that it means “I believe I do not believe this show.” In other words, my rejection of this program is not connected with the real possibility-impossibility of such an event, but is connected with my personal history. I cannot accept this as true. I can’t, or don’t even want to. This is not at all the impossibility of this such an event. And, to be honest, I continue to disbelieve this show. And I easily find confirmation of my faith. This, as usual, is not difficult.
We meet confirmation of our faith at every step. The picture of the world has already been drawn, and all that remains is to discover more and more new details in it.
My peers most likely remember a saying from the Soviet Army. “If you can’t – we’ll teach, if you don’t want to, we’ll force you.” It was not for nothing that the authorities of the state started common discussions about the importance of military service. “A young man must undergo an initiation in order to live in the world of adults (meaning “Soviet “) people.”
Initiation, in fact, is a transition from one space to another – from the space of one picture of the world to another. From one state of consciousness to another.
With me – the same thing, and the same with my friend, exactly the opposite. With political precision. Here one hears or reads about the chain of events.
First, the separatists received an order from Moscow from some television channels.
Second, they started shelling residential areas of Lugansk or some village nearby.
Third, in a strange way, Russian journalists immediately arrive there and shoot the victims.
Fourth, the program about the crimes of the Ukrainian army against the civilian population is broadcast to the entire population of the Russian Federation.
And one says: “I do not believe in the existence of such a chain of events.”

We already know what that means, right? “I believe that I do not believe in the meanness of Russian television channels, and even if I am ready to agree with this meanness to some extent, I believe that I do not believe in their leading role in the people’s war.”

Usually a person is not interested in the structure, the construction of his picture of the world. He is looking for justice (such as it looks within his picture of the world). And so on, in the same way, continuing to “disbelieve” – he is looking for everything that he was taught to seek and achieve.

This is how the fifth link appears in the chain of events. More precisely, it is sixth in numerical order. After all, first of all there was the initiation into adulthood, education, the reformation of a picture of the world. Formation of a belief system.
So, the fifth is the acceptance of propaganda programs “for the truth.”
It is, as it were, the same thing as with us, when we seek and find confirmation of our faith. With one difference. – We know that we are looking for and find not a certain “truth”, but confirmation of our faith. The person and people we are talking about, considering the chain of events ending with “acceptance for the truth”, are sure that this is “reality.”
And there are many such realities for the same reason. Again, I hope not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Understand that it is not easy for an atheist. But by God, these are nothing more than words. And, nevertheless, our one and only common world is ruled by the Anunnaki, and reptiles, and chance, and Jews, and capital, and the world government, and the Great Eagle, and the Moon, and some other aliens, and Vishnu, and Zeus. , Perun, Sabaoth, and the laws of physics, and the laws of chemistry, and Light-from-Heaven, and Hitler from a bunker in Antarctica. And you yourself will name a couple of such “realities” in which some of your acquaintances believe unconditionally as a reality. But this is a picture of reality. Picture of the world. The road that is not chosen.
Or maybe try to choose?
What if you try to observe yourself in this place – what can you see? You know, at one time I was most surprised by the fact that the Earth is round – it turned out to be my faith. And those who consider it flat have no less reason to believe in their truth than I do. And, if I want to, of course, I can start to believe that she swims on a turtle. – There should be a smiley here again.
Finally. The opposite of faith and knowledge is. And it consists in the fact that I can know about my knowledge, that it is faith, and I can not know it. Not wanting to know this, brushing off this knowledge.
What for?

It turns out that my belief system stands between me and the world. And just for orientation in space, there is an inconvenient need to observe yourself, your picture of the world.
It is difficult and very difficult. And all for what? In order to remember that you live in your deeds, not so much in the world as in your picture of the world, in your belief system? Is it worth the candle?

Endeavor! Isn’t it interesting? – There is no information yet that someone regretted this experience. Smiley.


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You and your worries

It is asked does worrying make you tired?

Do you usually get annoyed because of tedious circumstances?

Do you jitter when tempted to manage uncertain situation?

Would you like to get rid of it?

What the answer is usually sound? «Don’t worry». Or «Set loose you negative emotions». 

Yes, it sounds good. But does it work?

It sounds empty – how would you fill in it?

When you dismiss your hostility (if you can) the invisible negativity penetrates your body, and it is said it is a root of illness.

However, you always can find within your self in between many small selves one who emotionally does not involve in negativity. – Make this one the chief.

You can leave through the stress, you can make the right decision under emotional pressure or in fear, you can be free of the shakes in stressful situations.

How many different moods, states of mind have you experienced? Good mood and bad mood – just two moods?.

Good mood for tax preparation (if it’s possible at all) is not same as good mood to play ball and totally distinguishes from good mood to do grocery or eat out, or go to the show, or for changing oil.

Those different good states of mind usually happen themselves because of the situation. And what do you have when correspondence does not happen itself, when the imbalance occurs? What does  this imbalance produce? – Stress, of course. Completely useless stress.

You may learn to maintain accord to fit your state of mind and any happening situations.

As you choose what to wear when it is raining or sunny – same way you can choose proper mood.

Mostly important this practice is for people at the edge. 

You may manage and control your mood and state of mind, state of being.

You can do it from within. This is the ground. 

You can find out by yourself, by your body and mind – what calm and peace really are.

And again – we are good and we are masters of the mood and state of mind, and I am sure you all know somebody who really needs help in this field.

People changing or choosing career young or not too young, thinking or worrying about divorce (or wedding), sell or buy house in this difficult time – in the need to change their life or very close to it.

You may help them – let them know about this possibility.

It sounds attractive, although unusual in some way and it’s not so easy not so soon.

Confession. Alexander Pushkin

Oh, I love you, I’m mad with rage,
Albeit it’s shame and hopeless trouble,
And I confess my foolish ruffles,
I’m sitting near you, like page.
It doesn’t suit me, frankly speaking,
It’s time I have to be more keen,
I recognize all sings of fleeting
Disease of soul. Love, I mean.
And I feel sad with you — I’m quiet,
I’m bored without you — I yawn,
I have a great and strong desire
To say, my Angel, I’m all yours.
And when I hear your light footfalls,
Or virgin voice, or noise of dress
In drawing — room before a gay ball,
Then suddenly I lose my sense.
You smile to me — it’s a joyance,
You turn away — I’m despondent,
But for the day of my annoyance
My best reward — your pale hand.
And when you are so conscientious,
Bend carelessly with attention
Aloft the tambour, I enjoy
Your curls and eyes and your attraction
With tender silence, like a boy.
O, may I tell about sorrows,
My distresses and jealous grieve,
When you are going to stroll.
I take your last and sudden leave.
And piano in the quiet sundowns,
And fascinating tete-a-tete,
And journeys to a little town,
And after weeping you look sad.
Alina! Take a pity on me!
I can’t require your delight,
I don’t worth your love, your sights,
My Angel, for my sins so paltry!
But feign, this glance so nice and deep
Can show everything so finely,
You easily can mystify me,
I’m glad myself to be deceived.

Translated by Slobodyanik Lada