DFS Language

The Different Functional States of Being (DFS©) Language

Have you already heard about DFS, have not you?
Do you get on this page accidentally?
You are welcome!

I just want to show you couple samples. Look up at the Thesaurus Table, the column rhythm C-impulse. Practically all Latin dances goes like the impulse. – Cha-cha-cha! One-two-three-five-seven! At list all are listened to over here at the hall.
[Sounds C1; C2; C3 and transition grows to C4 (look up the vocabulary table)]
It sounds maybe familiar.
Everyone has own most natural state of being, the core state of being. When you will have learned the language of DFS, you will know it about others and may be about yourself, you know to watch yourself trickier then watch somebody else. Some of those states are not natural. The level four is never innate. Everyone should learn it to use. We may assume that somebody came here, was born sounded harmonically in accord by all one’s infant cavity, maybe infant Buddha or infant Jesus – I do not know, I am just man and I live in between average people.
I know that the accord could happen accidently, but who does watch themselves so attentively to get recognize and memorize own state of being, and get option to perform it? Do you?
Forms of martial arts and folk dances were created to coach fellows to arrange their energy in accord to act as unity. Everyone can recall own state in similar circumstances. It implies when you live ball-room floor you are supposed to keep up this state of human being throughout the life.
Does it make sense?
Does it apply to you?
Would you like it?
The most natural state is the rotation center of your personality, center of gravity for whole life experience. Some states are not familiar for somebody just because of differences in our personal histories. Something could be just too far from the core state. Some states could be even non-acceptable with no special work of attention, but you have to know what you should watch, must not you?
So the vocabulary of DFS language is usually shorter then could be equity is: sixteen minus four states of fourth level, minus some non-usable states and minus some non-acceptable states.
As the result the huge part of perception of whole life is lost because of common incompetent, sloppy action. Actually our language of interaction DFS has 3-5, sometimes 7 words of active vocabulary. That is less then half. Some words of DFS code are perceived wrong over and over again, or we may be one does not take notice of them.