“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

~ Aldous Huxley

The Basics

1. Is it really necessary to prove that the map is not the territory? – I believe it could be demonstrated.

The picture shows a pipe. Picture is named “The Treachery of Images”. The Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte wrote on his picture – “This is not a pipe”. It looks strange and it is true. This is not a pipe; this is just an image of a pipe.
The territory is not seen on the map – it’s maped. “The word is not the thing“.
All and everything is perceived by man is the map only. Perceived reality is not a reality, it is representation of reality in the mind of the perceiver.

2. Axioms are accepted as true without controversy. They are taken on trust at least until experience refutes them. Nothing is a lie till it’s proven. After all, nothing but experience can verify the map. Any way we have to talk about representation only, not about reality.

3. Vivekananda said that Raja Yoga “declares to mankind that each being is only a conduit for the infinite ocean of knowledge and power that lies behind.” I propose to take it as an axiom. I am ready to the disproof, but my experience has not done refutation. Failures to find this ocean are not refutations. They are the lessons for the seekers after truth.

4. The meaning of this axiom can be rephrased.
4.1. “Our mind can reach knowledge of all and everything, but should be taught to stay aware.”
4.2. “The sensory space can be created for any problem we can formulate. This sensory space gives us possibility – we may obtain the solution for this problem directly on our sensory channels.” (Grigory Reynin)

We say sensory space or a space of sensations. You can choose one of five (or six) man’s senses and take any modality of this sense. The space can be created on the base of this modality. It is mathematical procedure on one hand; on other hand it is creation of perception space’s parameters.
The measuring instruments are created the same way. You can relate these parameters and parameters of your task. It’s said – “the formulation of a problem already contains half its solution”.
Applied Kinesiology is good example for our talk. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is good illustration too.

DFS – “attention” and “awareness”. Here and now

Our point is perception.
So “attention” and “awareness” distinct – attention has the object, awareness has not.
Awareness is the state of being.
Attention is a job we’re doing and we pay, object getting payment by this job-attention.
Human being transfers oneself into an object by one attention.
To be aware is to be oneself only the here-and-now.
I’m talking about DFS and Fire-Flower-meditation.
The important part of tuning is to get full sensation of flower.
Sensation may be knowledge as sixth sense, not as schooling grammar knowledge.
When you get it you don’t need pay attention on Fire Flower and separate yourself from yourself even partially.
You just aware. You are here and now.

one more edition

Why can we do it?

Let’s pay attention to what can be considered as true and for how far. Our conversation will take place if we start from this point only. Of course, every utterance should be check for, if it is not a lie. If the statement is believable to me, the question does not arise mostly.
But no matter how dubious assertion is, until it is disproved, it can be considered truthful. Is it so or not? And here – what is considered a denial? Is it something like irrefutable logic chain?
Maybe, but then the question arises about the first link of the chain – is the first link proved? And how? Because of one is believable? Or by other irrefutable logic chain? Or maybe easier – by the confidence of refuters? Or maybe everything is even more easy – it goes without saying?
But then we have on the scales the bakance of couple “by itself.”
First «itself» of utterance was offered and other «itself» of refuter.
Their inequality could be and is inequality for me only, I made the decision – who, allegedly, is right. But in all other ways, they are both equal.
They are equal until something happens and refutes one of the opposing assertions. While the practice has not yet shown mistake, any suggestion should be considered as true, it may sound strange, but it is as it is.
Strictly speaking, this is the way to build every science. The heart of any science is a package of axioms.And science is science as long as one’s axiomatic is not refuted. If it occurs on the content of science any different axiom, then next to it occurs other science. Lobachevsky geometry parallels to Euclidean geometry. They contradict each other, they do not refute each other. Practice is needed to rebut, any numbers of contraved theories can exist side by side.
Customary to say, “Practice is criterion of truth.” – Yes! We can understand the meaning of this phrase now: «While the practice is not denied assertion, it can be taken for the truth and use it as the truth.»
This long introduction was necessary in order to push aside all possible disputes concerning next proposed postulates.
You can argue all you want, but only later away from this text.
Debate is important, it is advisable, but only later, after the story.
So first postulate. «Every human being is the vehicle of the infinite ocean of knowledge and power that lies behind one».
We are not going to do any conclusions right now. Just note that there is no any practice, refuting it. All denials are concealed within the meaning of the words and anywhere else. Recall that all any dispute – later.
Second postulate. «For any problem we can formulate can be created sensory space in which the solution to this problem we may obtain directly on our sensory channels
For example, if the task is in a good mood, then in the space of sensations of your body, your face you can smile. We create a good mood by creation the sense of smile.
Let’s make the task more complicated. We want to practice each activity with the best suited mood. The smile is not enough. The question is “How many different states of being would be the optimum for the self-regulation?
Here is a bit of the math. All languages have about the same quantity of words. It is counted around 20000. The ability of typology to talk about the properties of types, as measured by the number of differences between types, with the number 16 of types is already more than the average volume of those dictionaries. I.e. 16 states of self-regulation enough to provide all human activity appropriate and discribed one of the states.

Technique itself

Now we are going to build, or find 16 different “Smiles”. Human activity can be considered at three levels: physical, emotional and mental. This degree of accuracy is good enough.
As human we have three large body cavities resonating as a bodies of banjo or guitar. Each one is connected with one of three types of activity naturally for our way of thinking. Physical or vital activity – with the abdominal cavity. Psycho-emotional – with the chest cavity. The intellectual one – with the cavity of the skull. The fourth type of activity when all three are resonating in accord when abdominal-pelvic, thorastic and cranial one resonate harmoniously.
Types of activity interact with the environment denoted by rhythm:
Rhythm A – rhythm of the cosmos, we perceive it, when we look at the sky.
Rythv B – rhythm of the life, we perceive it, when dealing with a living.
Rhythm C – rhythm of the impuls, so goes the world of objects.
Rhythm D – rhythm of the destruction.
So 4×4=16
The vibration of our cavities could be adjusted. We make a tool, we are playing the right music itself, thereby we participate in «jam session of life» with other people and the world.
The vibration of our cavities could be adjusted. We are self-regulated for any activity..

What is the reason to do it?

The audience is very different. Different people get different result when they are involved into this practice of active self-regulation. To be more precise, different people pay attention to the different results. For example:
• Entirely new kind of self-confidence in any situation, even an extreme one.
• Ability to manage own psycho-emotional states.
• As a consequence of this skill – emotional stability and plasticity.
• New perception of people and time and space.
• The acceleration of recovery after exertion and stress.
• The health and vigor and efficiency are increased.
• The ability to communicate is improved.
• The creativity is activated.
I repeat the start point: «Any practice is not denied this technique.» Everyone who has mastered it, engaging with the necessary zeal and interest, changed own lives.
My last student, with whom we have been worked individually, expressed his goodbye somewhat abstract. – He thanked me for steady feeling of peace of mind, whicn appeared in his life. So the story. He graduated from the University. All study years he was very antsy, could not decide why he will be an engineer, could not decide what he wants, so could not venture out to leave, to quit too. When we started a few months before the graduation he did not even want to look for job in this field, and was not sure to get graduated or not.
It was obvious he will finish – even just by inertia, so many years studied, and there were three moth only. And in this course of training he experienced such a thing, which, of course, always knew, but this knowledge does not help him at all. The method made him owner of this knowledge, he bagged it – there is no point to twitch, it does not help to solve any problem, but devours energy. The balance came. He found a job, moved from Chicago, and calmly ready to drop anything as soon as the knowledge of what he really wants will come.
Other person, women 65 years old left for a week after few lessons almost in very beginning of «tuning», and when she came back told us, that the last 30 years could not talk to her mother, just immediately exploded, and this time she visited her, 96-year-old, and everything was going fine, just fine. She went through with same acute feeling, but these experiences do not hurt her as the chord, which detonated into explosion.
So the ability to be in the balance increased. More specifically, the energy increases and the ability constantly maintain own mental equilibrium almost automatic increases.
Other personal characteristics, that are associated with an increase in energy, change too. The set of social roles are increasing. Set of roles – a dictionary of the language in which we communicate in society. Everyone does, plays a variety of roles – one at work, other in the family, third with friends and a lot more.
Each of these roles may have different colors, different details.
These are also roles, also characters, also words of language of society. The number of colors is really being increased. The number of choices within each role, so the ability to play, are being increased. It becomes easier to move from the role of the role. Consciously or unconsciously, the level social adaptation increases.
I can talk a lot about what the participants feel, what changes they notice in their emotional and mental life, about such popular now the balance the body-mind-soul, but simply – people, who had went through this training with real interest and active participation, pretty soon find that their activities becomes more successful.
Accountant came to engage in DFS with the expectation that it will be the beginning of her spiritual journey and stopped even think about spiritual path. She was burned by 15 years work, but began to take it in same easy and enjoyable way as at the very beginning. That’s enthusiasm!
Single mother came to the Mindfulness Training to learn how to interact with their adult son. She wanted him to study in the University, where she can help him. She unexpectedly for herself and for the boy after training gave him complete freedom to choose his future. It shocked even us – we had knew her before about 2 years. Does this increase the success of the activity? In my opinion, yes, it is a new quality of interaction between mother and son, and it was real request.
Here is the place there is a point that should be said specifically. – What should be attributed as “the successful activity” itself? For example, I am doing massages. I am functioning as Massage Therapist. What is a “successful activity” for me? – Obviously, it is the quality of my massages. In fact most of those who receive them agree that quality of massages is good.
Well, is the earning point of «successful activity» in this case? – Definitely no.
Earning is not activity, it is result, and result of other activity than massage, namely, management and administration, management of the business. Of course, on average, other things being equal, a good massage brings more income than bad one. If massage is not good enough, then the therapist falls out of the market for this service. But it is very important and very obvious that if properly managed, bad therapist earns more than good at the wrong. To increase the earnings necessary to do additional activities – control, business management, and evaluate its success.
If we continue to talk about me, than I must tell that before this training, I just was not able to independently organize anything and run it. The attempts themselves to do it for me are the “success”, and perhaps the next move for development success.
In other words – successfulness activity increases, the results are better, and to improve the earnings necessary to develop communication of acting person with the community in which one operates. There is no such technique to replace your own mind, but this one may increase the success of the activity of one’s “mind”.
So, what is “that” we’re going to do? What will increase the “success of the activity”? I am not going even to try to talk about it in a nutshell, let’s start step by step to taste and see what iss going on.

There are several forms of meetings
1. 2-3 hrs workshop. The subject of this text will be shown to participants
2. 2-3 hrs workshop will give to participants ability for self-work in DFS.
3. Mindfulness Training 1st level. Recomended schedule for weekend: Friday 2hrs, Satarday 8 hrs, Sunday 6 hrs. The work with sensory space of DFS is included.
4. 3-month tuning DFS. Total time of training about 60 hrs. Recommended schrdule: every month 10 days 1.5-3 hrs groupwork and 21 days self work with consulting personally or by Skype. Schedule is flexible because of group members opportunity and ability.

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