in layman’s terms

There’s a Russian expression for “layman’s terms” – “To tell by fingers”.

Olga Sedakova “ABOUT FINGERS”

I finished recording a course about Dante at Arzamas’ website. One of them was: what do you need to know to read Dante? It’s a common item.

I asked another thing: what do you need to forget to read Dante?
Other skills to forget include the idea of being told everything by the fingers.
Dante doesn’t use these fingers.
He knows how difficult things are, how unspoken, how irreducible to our habits.

And, speaking of Dante himself, all sorts of fingers should be removed.

I believe this fingers’ expression came from mudras.

mudra (/muˈdrɑː/  Sanskrit: मुद्रा, IASTmudrā, “seal”, “mark”, or “gesture”; Tibetan: ཕྱག་རྒྱ་, THLchakgya,) is a symbolic or ritual gesture or pose in HinduismJainism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers.[

You show some mudra and your interlocutor understands you without sounded language. – Simple. Can be something simpler?

Yes! Can be! – It’s the smile.

Just smile. Just always smile – and you will always be understood.

May be an illustration

Triple Warmer Channel

From WWW

The Triple Heater Channel (San Jiao) is also known as the Triple Burner Channel or the Triple Warmer Channel. It is named for the three “heaters” (burners or warmers) of the body. The Upper Heater includes the functions of the Lungs and Heart.

On a physical level, The Triple Warmer meridian is responsible for circulating qi (energy), blood, fluids, and hormones throughout the body. Here we use the channel to help circulation and movement.

But the Triple Warmer channel is also extremely helpful in our social and emotional relationships. Its like the host of a party, who is making sure everyone has what they need, are comfortable with one another, and are having a fantastic time.

It’s learnable!

Does really exist the language without Past and Future Tenses?

– Yes, it could be.

– Yes, it is the language of Present, the language of interactions, language as meditation – the guided meditation when the guide is you, you yourself are the speaker and the processor of the speech.

You can not expect or indulge by talking or thinking in this language, just can not.

There is no grammar form to do it.

Reiki PLUS massage

When you touch people, you heal and help people, and it’s real and often, with the following problems:
– Emotional stress;
– Unpleasant and painful sensations of different localization;
– Difficulty learning;
– Digestive disorders, food allergies and food intolerances;
– Fatigue, weakness, exhaustion;
– Difficulty in a relationship with a partner;
Also, these techniques can be used to improve athletic performance, prevent injuries; improving posture; for setting goals; overcoming fears, and for solving many other goals.

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Love-emotion vs love-state

It’s not a philosophical maxim in the head.

The state of “love” is a state of complete wakefulness and acceptance-feeling with all of one’s “I-am” the present moment in all its integrity from an itchy burr to the Absolute. This state naturally depends on the “level of being” of the experiencing-experiencing-living it. Who experiences “up to the Absolute”? In the state of sleep (according to Gurdjieff) emotion-love is possible, but the state – is it?

But observation of oneself, in contrast to reflection, is this “meditative activity”?

Many “seekers” of truth, having pulled a blow from the guru at the right moment, run away, as in the parable of the bag of gold on the bridge.

Yes, it is necessary that there be a bearer of knowledge and put and put this bag.

All are full of (1) good intentions, so there is no room for anything else. Almost all. And among others, almost all are full of (2) malice. The balance is dry, but worth these two.


And love-emotion so easily makes you forget the state of “love” …