How many different moods, states of mind have you experienced? Good mood and bad mood are just two, aren’t they?

Good mood for tax preparation (if it’s possible at all) is not the same as a good mood to play ball and totally distinguishes from the good mood for grocery or to eat out, or go to the show, or for changing oil.

Those various good states usually occur on their own because of the situation.

And what do you have when correspondence does not happen? What does imbalance produce? – The stress for sure. Completely useless stress.

I help to learn to maintain accord to fit your state of mind and any happening situation.

You may choose the proper mood in the same way as you choose wear when it is rainy or sunny.

Mostly important this practice is for people on the edge.

  • People changing or choosing career young or not too young, thinking or worrying about divorce (or wedding), sell or buy a house in this difficult time
  • People in the need to change their life or very close to it.

driving home

You must know how to drive and have a driver’s license to do it.

Even when you mean as “home” your True Self.

OK, maybe you do not need state driver license, but any way you must know how to drive.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" - Meaning Behind Jesus' Words