I can help to stay strong for hard changing

Do you want a change for the better?

Change your attitude towards yourself.

Self-attitude is a complex self-evident descriptions, statements, beliefs, norms, rules that a person has in relation to himself.

This determines almost all the automatic behavioral patterns of a person, forms his level of aspirations, predetermines the choice of social roles, achieved results and statuses, and PROFESSION.

Since the content of the relationship to oneself is in the area of ​​the not always conscious, for a deep correction, help is almost always required, a look from the outside.

If you’re not ready to pay for it, this is a very radical step, it is a good place to start with the practices of – attuning, programming and reprogramming yourself – using special descriptions of the desired changes in attitude to yourself, – containing narrative positive statements in the first person and in the present tense.
In this case, the effectiveness depends on the emotional background, regularity, and the duration of the repetition.

The effectiveness of such programming is also influenced by the ability to see the desired changes and, of course, emotional involvement – the binding of images of the desired changes in words.

Where to get the texts? – You can take special “affirmations” from the Internet.

But the best results are given by texts invented by themselves.

Do you have any difficulties with writing texts? – Contact.