Hey! This is so

I’m lucky, you’re in luck. We were born.
Just imagine how much is being done that can lead to the birth of a child, compared to how many children are actually born.
Of course we are in luck!

Didn’t you know that? You knew it, of course. But where was this knowledge a couple of minutes ago, when you reacted in surprise to my words?
It is the place, a spot where this knowledge is, before you recall it, this is the “unconscious”. Not “under” -consciousness and not “above” -consciousness, but without-conscious knowledge.

Can you imagine how much knowledge is in ours-your unconscious, which you not only do not remember, but do not even suspect? Only sometimes, when something happens “suddenly”, you suddenly know it.

Anyone can easily remember how happened suddenly to get covered himself with sweat, when yesterday’s sidelong glance, then not noticed, popped into consciousness with his “hindsight”.

A long time ago, almost as boys in the early 70s, two friends and I bought a sealed pack of one hundred lottery tickets. When it came time to draw, we discovered that one of these hundreds had won small car.
But there were 99 tickets. Well, I almost forgot about this incident, but here in Chicago I said in response to an offer to play the lottery. The American said that there is no doubt that the ticket was pulled out of the pack by the one with the pack. I told him off.
And the memory began to pull out from the unconscious something that had slipped past 40 years before. The talk about how to pull out a banknote or two with tweezers from a sealed bundle. A lot of money earned by a friend who kept that pack, more than a regular, up to gold toys. And the strangely changed relations with me of these two friends later…

What and how would it be if I noticed then and began to sort things out? – Is it important? I think it’s important to just start consciously seeing more than you notice, and then we will see.

Is it real to learn to do this? Undoubtedly, you can. And to find out how much, you need to start learning. It’s like squats – start at five, then ten, and then a hundred and ten.

Unconscious knowledge is absorbed into the porous walls of consciousness in the same way as water is absorbed into a sponge, one must not interfere with this.

Of course, in any case, the act of love does not necessarily lead to the birth of a child, but if you do not use contraceptives, the chances increase.
After all, we were born.