It was about 50 years ago. I use to be soccer fans. There was not around any grass field to play. We played on free streets or on the space in the park when it’s free. I was a bad player, but a fan of almost all buys in my neighborhood.

When we weren’t playing we told on and on about our city team “The Soviet Wings” and about the Liga’s games. It was endless. Pleasure for tongues and for the whole body to play.

And one day my classmate, he was a chess player, winner of the city school championship, asked me – “How can you talk so much and long just about feet, boots, ball, and goals? Where do you take so many different words about the same and the same things?”

It was a great question. Some transition happened. The feet, boots, ball, and goals were physical life’s subjects. The subject of guts, the subject of abdominal-pelvic space.

This question moved attention to the brain work, into the skull space.

First of all, I figured out that guys who played better could keep silent when others driven conversations. They didn’t have much to say and they still played better. Not all of them, surely, – never say “all” or nobody”, “always” or “never”, but almost all.

The second discovery was about my own talking. I use to talk practically the same words in every conversation, maybe just 30, maybe 40. I arranged them in the phrase a little bit differently because of the content and to the same extent because of the company. The same way I discovered in the speeches of others. It’s amazing! It was slang or even dialect contented so short dictionary – just 40 words. The dialect of the subject. And it was gibberish for people who did not have any interest in soccer. This meaning was brought to me by my brain.

Next 50 years I was engaged in many different occupations. And each of them had own dialect, own language sometimes. I was wondering when the psychologist could not understand the talk of a mechanical engineer. To be wonder is the heart’s job, isn’t it? The same way as people with no interest in soccer did not understand soccer’s fan conversation. The psychologist could see some aspect of personality, but not content.

The code of body vibrations in general. When you hear what part of body reverberates you always know what’s going on in the conversation as a whole even you do not understand the content. It is like the melody.

And what is the melody of politicians talk?