At forty-five a woman is a berry again

A strange Russian proverb “At forty-five a woman is a berry again.” (I’m not sure, probably in English it is same as “They get their second wind about her age,” or “Life is what you make it,” or close to “Life begins at forty” – these expressions GOOGLE offered me as equivalent).

Not again, but as always. Just from forty and at least to fifty, I believe more, a woman is experiencing the peak of the flowering of her amazing nature.
So it is from “my bell tower.” (“from where I sit”)
And many now manage to maintain this flowering even to more mature years.

We are in captivity of long-obsolete ideas about age. The aforementioned proverb arose, perhaps, in the 19th century, when the forty-year-olds were also recorded as old people. And in general, how is it possible in our time to judge the age of a woman by the criteria, when a thirty-year-old lady is also sent to over-too-long-lived.

A.S. Pushkin. – “Eugene Onegin”:

To love all ages are subservient;
But the hearts of impressionable young girls
Receive its blessings and its gales
Like springtime rain upon the fields:
For storms of passion freshen them,
Give them new life and make them ripen,
And life’s grand forces bring to them
Luxuriant flowers and sweetest fruit.
But in later age, barren and sere,
When life has reached its turning point,
The effect of passion is more severe:
Thus the tempests of the dying autumn
Turn the wide meadow into flood,
And all around denude the wood.

Eugene Onegin' Opens Metropolitan Opera Season - The New York Times
Anna Netrebko dancing with Mariusz Kwiecien in “Eugene Onegin.”

Anna Netrebko dancing with Mariusz Kwiecien in “Eugene Onegin.”

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