Love-emotion vs love-state

It’s not a philosophical maxim in the head.

The state of “love” is a state of complete wakefulness and acceptance-feeling with all of one’s “I-am” the present moment in all its integrity from an itchy burr to the Absolute. This state naturally depends on the “level of being” of the experiencing-experiencing-living it. Who experiences “up to the Absolute”? In the state of sleep (according to Gurdjieff) emotion-love is possible, but the state – is it?

But observation of oneself, in contrast to reflection, is this “meditative activity”?

Many “seekers” of truth, having pulled a blow from the guru at the right moment, run away, as in the parable of the bag of gold on the bridge.

Yes, it is necessary that there be a bearer of knowledge and put and put this bag.

All are full of (1) good intentions, so there is no room for anything else. Almost all. And among others, almost all are full of (2) malice. The balance is dry, but worth these two.


And love-emotion so easily makes you forget the state of “love” …