Oct 13, 2011. When I started Facebook

To introduce myself I endeavor to talk about my myth to clear it.
It may be not some classical myth text. Something burned through my digestions.
To sit in-between two different myths is probably trouble; to hit the ass plopping down between two chairs is better.
However when you work or endeavor to work you start to trust something within yourself (or outside – does not matter. The main – it’s related with “I”, with magnet center).
When you meet the myth, and we’re meeting the myths every step remembering ourselves… so – sometimes I just feel that this one just looks different, but the same that yesterday’s one.
It’s certainly too general; however, I’m not ready to be particular now.
At least we may see Mr.G’s myth as disclosure Testaments.
It is my myth: look for the same above, and below, and around.

The world is the one only.
It’s clear. Even we have a number of worlds; all of them are one whole identity, one whole essence, and oneness.
The consciousness brings into our minds a lot of the world’s pictures. Myth is kind of those pictures. Consciousness could be energy or The World itself – doesn’t matter. “I” as a human being has access to the pictures only.
Science is the myth too.
Probably I have to say that myth is the world’s picture that could be reproduced consciously for communication and utilization. So some symbols are myth and the enneagram definitely.