The iconic series “Star Trek” as the esoteric show

There are no such things as metaphysics or mysticism when we perceive when we feel. We perceive what we perceive. Do you perceive something supernatural?

All right!. You’re lucky. I don’t.

I am happy with my simple perception.

Castaneda told us about the skill to move the assembling point.

I can not change myself into any animal or bird. But I as anybody else can move my point of perception for example from the lower Dan T’ian area, from the abdominal-pelvic cavity to the middle Dan T’ian field, thoracic cavity – by my attention.

Try it.You will note your perception changed.

Observe it – it is interesting and really important.

Throw out your thinking, particular thoughts about 3«M» – Miracle, Metaphysics, and Mysticism for awhile. –

Just observe as long as you can.

«It’s interesting,» – said Spock, and Captain James Kirk always smiled. Listen to the same music from different levels, you’ll like it.

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