To Harry Potter’s generation

HOW IS IT FOR YOU? (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Something, approaching you, destroys the opportunity to be happy, to feel warmth, to be human, there is only emptiness of fear, evil, and abyss.

There is only one way to be saved, only by evoking a feeling of happiness, even in a wave, even for a moment, and at that moment cast a spell filled with this feeling of happiness.

It is necessary to study such concentration on purpose and, apparently, for a long time.

It is only available at maturity. – So say teachers and those who know this art.

Such maturity comes to a thirteen-year-old boy in a time loop.

At the first turn, he is almost destroyed by the bottomless “something”, but saved by something or someone outside of himself.

On the second, he sees himself being destroyed from the outside, and maturity comes to him with the understanding that this “something” or “someone” outside of him is himself.

Quite simply, this is the “self-observation” of the fourth way, isn’t it? – Now he can concentrate for a moment of happiness – that’s enough.

So I told you a parable from the third book about Harry Potter.