Languages. The possible language to understand always

This question sounds simple –

“Why do people not understand each other?”
Or even more precisely –
“Why do people understand each other not constantly?”
That is sort of miracle, disgusting miracle. We must, but we don’t.
The answer I hear mostly is
“Stupid can not understand, just can not, this job is to difficult for dummy.”
When I comment –
“So, why do clever people can not understand as well and do not really often?” The common answer (I believe you know it) is
“Nobody wants to understand freaks”.

It could be joke but it is not and it is sad.

If we dig here a little bit deeper we’ll see that people speak in the different languages, when they speak in ostensibly same English or Russian etc.

  • Language of clever people;
  • Language of freaks;
  • Language of idiots.

Laugh is laugh of course, but finally everyone has own tongue to speak.

See you tomorrow.